Markets Served Overview

Opportunities reside in your data. Actionable Data Solutions finds them and enables you to take advantage of latent opportunities by pushing issues to the field for resolution and providing clearly manageable accountability. Identify and stop bad business practices. Utilize Actionable Data Solutions to implement best practices and achieve profitable results, regardless of the market in which you operate.

Actionable Data Solutions has years of experience and thousands of locations serviced. Our customers range from individual owners to huge conglomerates. Following are examples that demonstrate how Actionable Data Solutions has helped other businesses like yours:

  • Tracked marketing coupons and promotions with over 500 locations nationwide included in the program; Over 50,000 coupons were redeemed the first day of the promotion
    • Eliminated over $100,000 in improper discounts that were given out without generating additional sales
    • Effectively executed marketing campaigns that were used to drive traffic to the store and increase sales
  • Identified upsell opportunities at a chain of over 250 locations nationwide
    • Identified that over 60% of all transactions contained a single item showing poor customer engagement
    • Statistically showed management that less than 20% of the total number of cashiers accounted for the majority of these single item transactions
    • Delivered targeted counseling to those underperforming cashiers, driving upward of $58K in annual top line sales which equates to a 6% increase in annual sales
  • Tracked over 1,400 locations nationwide to identify over 1,000 daily transactions in which beer and wine sales were completed after designated hours
    • POS software was adjusted to automatically reject beer, wine and liquor items after 2:00 AM
    • Prevented employees from circumventing POS rules, eliminating a major risk of fines and jeopardizing State liquor licenses.
  • Tracked over 400 locations nationwide where annually, over 2.4 million transactions included a Manual Price Override
    • The average reduction of the original retail price was 33%
    • The average value per item sold was $3.37
    • ADS drove top line sales up and improved gross margins by reducing Manual Price Overrides