Cashier Performance

For most customers, the cashier is the person with whom customers relate most directly as representative of your company - its philosophy of doing business, its values and its respect for its customers.

leading edge performance

The cashier has the power and the opportunity to allow the customer to leave with a positive experience. But in some cases, the cashier can be a wasted asset, contributing little to the company’s success. The result is a lost opportunity for reinforcing customer loyalty and building brand equity.

Actionable Data Solutions is the only company providing a data driven solution that delivers “actionable” information to better manage your cashier asset. Actionable Data Solutions provides the information you need to ensure that:

  • Excellent performing cashiers can be complimented and recognized
  • Satisfactory performing cashiers can be nurtured to be great
  • Under-performing cashiers can be counseled and trained to eliminate unnecessary burden on the organization
  • Consistently poor performing cashiers can be dismissed as quickly as possible to eliminate a potentially negative aspect of your customers’ experience