Actionable Data Solutions effectively measures and evaluates performance while creating accountability to ensure the company’s success.


The powerful analytics of the Actionable Data Solutions program identify typical issues and available opportunities that are delivered as “Accountable Data Events”. Issue resolution or proactive opportunity initiatives are then brought to the attention of the managers as well as driven into the field through the Actionable Data Solutions program. An Accountable Data Event has:

  • Fully configurable, company-specific training instructions for resolution of issues
  • Complete receipt level detail
  • Integrated video access, if desired
  • Resolution tracking that requires a recipient to report back on steps taken, thereby closing the workflow loop and creating accountability.

The Accountable Data Event (ADE) delivers relevant data to cashiers and managers to create accountability and facilitate effective training and issue resolution.

  • Only ADE is designed to be easily accessible and fully actionable. ADE will not overwhelm the cashiers or managers with unnecessary activity. What ADE enables a manager to do in under an hour would typically take them 5x-10x that today.
  • Only ADE delivers cashiers and managers the online instructions rather than requiring a login.
  • Only ADE can be accessed through any web-enabled device so that issues can be addressed for immediate resolution with the cashier.